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Subrai Mission Schools School Building Construction

             One of the aims and objectives of Subrai Mission is to provide traditional value based modern Education to the Tripuri children, other tribals and under privilege and unreached section of the society. There is urgent need of school which can provide Indian culturals values along with modern method of education. Subrai Mission is committed to fulfill its objectives for the benifit of the Tripuris and other marginalised and backward class of the society. The Mission is running two primary schools, one at Manik Bazar, Teliamura and other one at  Golaghati, Takarjala.

         Subrai Mission is constructing Subrai Vidya Mandir Secondary School at Malabati Para, Lembuchhara; about 5 KM from the New Capital complex, Agartala. Two storied school building under construction is in fulswing and ground floor of the building has been already been completed. The Subrai Mission has planned to start the School from the accademic session for the year 2015.