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  philanthropic service

Blanket Donation Photos of Blanket Donation

The senior citizen, widows and disowned parents are the most vulnerable section of the society. They are victims of socio-economical changes that are taking place in the society. The grown up children often move to the work places and the old parents are left unattended and unsupported both financially and physically. The Tripuris and the tribals are economically most backward section of the society and among them the senior citizen and widows are badly affected by that. They can not defend themselves from cold during the winter which is very severe in the month of Dec-Jan in Tripura. Keeping this situation in mind the Subrai Mission Trust has tried to do little philanthropic service by donating mink blanket to the senior citizen of down trodden section of the society, the widows and to the poor and under privilege people. Accordingly Subrai Mission had donated blankets in the following are:

1.       Waktuku Para, Sidai Mohanpur.

2.       Twiwandal Bazar, Sonamura

3.       Harirai Sardar Para, Teliamura

4.       Prasanna Kumar Roaja Para, Gandachhara


About 150 destitute people had been benefitted by this philanthropic service of Subrai Mission.