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Detail of Health Camps Mission in Service

The Tripuri people in general are superstitious, they believe in blind facts and unscientific explanations about the cause, effect and remedies of diseases. They practice many health habits that are contrary to medical sciences, as a result they suffer from illness which cold have been treated easily with modern medicines. There is also wide spread addiction among tribal people like Smoking, alcoholism, chewing of Pan, tobacco, Heroin, smacks, and many other addictives like phensidil, dendrite etc. specially among the younger generations. The Trust had under taken motivational health talk as preventive measure and and de-addiction among the addicts.

Subrai Mission Trust aims at providing services to the needy and the under privilege section of the society who are unable to access the Govt. health services due to non availability or long distance of health facilities. It is needless to say that the general health condition of the Tripuri people are not so good because of poverty and unscientific health practices. It is the endeavour of the trust to serve free of charge to the downtrodden and marginalized section of the communities.


Places Where Health Camps held
1. Ashighar, Mandwi
2. Burakha, Jirania
1. Sipai para, Lembuchhara 
2. Kathalia Para, Birchandra Manu
1. Manik Bazar, Brahmachhara
2. Raisa Bari, Gandachhara
3 Manya Kr  Roaja Para, Gandachhara
4 Burakha, Jirania
5 Malakwthwi Para, Lembuchhara
6 Shantinagar, Champaknagar