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    About us

Subrai Mission Trust was founded by the philanthropic minded group of six dedicated people. We have bowed in the service of downtrodden, marginalised and backward Tribals and and underprivilege section of the society. We want to transform the downtrodden and  backward Tripuri people into a Developed race so as to be fit to live in this modern world.

  We have collectively and individually pledged to Enrich Tripui and other Tribals Culture, Customs, Rites, Rituals, Customary laws, Traditions and Social bodies so as to make it fit for globalized world.

 We have taken commitment to spread Spiritual knowledge and  our Ancestors Traditional Values among Tripuri and other tribal people.

        List of Trustees

1. Dr. Atul Devburman: President
2. Sh. Susanta Debbarma: Managing Trustee
3. Dr.Partha Debbarma: Trustee
4. Sh. Buddha Debbarma: Trustee
5. Sh. Subrata Debbarma: Trustee
6. Dr. Madhabi Debbarma: Trustee